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Friday, April 18, 2008

Project Wealthy Proven Money Making Guide

Project Wealthy created by Norb Czufis to reveals and learnhow author spent 11 years making tier-1 brands millions and the the best marketing school taking you from newbie to cash pulling powerhouse In ONE Month!

From Project Wealthy, you able to learn:-

1.The Rich Newbie Guide
Learn the basics with our quick introductory guide to Internet & Affiliate marketing.

2.Design, Hosting & Domains
Discover the success of a great campaign from the ground up. Learn how the pros make sure their efforts attract huge sales from ever angle.

3.Break The ClickBank
Learn common mistakes that cost time & moneyWhich products won't sell and why.

4.Lucrative Landing Pages & Mini Sites
Learn how to put together a landing page that converts at least 80% of your clicks! Also quickly make sticky mini sites that drive google bots bonkers.

5.Sales Letters & Copy that CONVERTS!
How to write compelling copy and cash in, stop wondering how to write effective sales copy, there is a formula to follow and hundreds of techniques to use!

6.Search Engine Optimization
Show you how to optimize your pages for page 1 results.

7.Article & Blog Marketing Success
The Wealthy BUM Approach. Ever wonder how people make money from writing articles or blogging to the bank? This guide will expose all the tricks.

8.PPC & Adwords Success
Writing tiny little ads for a tremendous return. Everybody is doing it, only a few are really profiting from it, and understand how to manipulate it to their favor. Learn how to PPC your way to wealth.

9.Offline Advertising, Online sales
Learn how to monetize no matter where you are with effective offline assets.

10.Video Marketing
Money in Motion. You're about to see first hand how to get to the top of search engines and flood the top 50 organic spots with simple video submissions.

11.Launching Money Maker Products
Your first successful launch. The best way to becoming a great Internet Marketer is to launch a great product and watch how your most successful affiliates work your product.

12. And Much more..

For more information, please visit Project Wealthy.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Site Builder Elite - Build Websites Empire Easily

Site Builder Elite created by Gary Nugent to helping online users or webmasters to build your own virtual real estate empire easily. To build a quality website can take a huge amount of time and many people are frustrated at the low levels of money they earn from Adsense ads placed on their pages. Instead of putting all your time into one website, why not put a small amount of time into many websites and start building a Virtual Real Estate Empire? From the site builder elite, you will able to build the website as an automatic option below:-
Adsense adblocks are included as standard.
Includes a Privacy Policy page and a Terms of Service (TOS) page.
Includes Home, and Sitemap links in your navigation bar. Your sitemap is created when you build your site.
25 links are randomly selected from your sitemap.
Content from RSS feeds appears on all pages making each page dynamic.
Content from RSS feeds is related to the keyword for your page.
"Read more..." links that appear below RSS news items and on your (optional) Articles page open stories in a new window.
Randomized title and description metatags to hide your site's footprints from the search engines.
Sites are Serch Engine Optimized (SEO) by including each page's keyword in the Title, Description and Keywords metatags.
A Permalink is added to the bottom of each page to aid in SEO.
Have randomly rotating images beside your Adsense ads to draw the reader's eye.
Create keyword rich (if human unreadable) articles that search engines love.
Change the colors on your website.
Include a Contact page.
Include a Resources Page.
Cache your pages for faster loading times.
And much more.

For more information, please visit Site Builder Elite.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Discover Secret of Resale Rights Blueprint

John Thornhill revealed the amazing autopilot money making method though resale rights blueprint. The following are the summary of the blueprint:-
How to find an in demand resale rights products and sell for maximum profit.
How to find the resale rights gems that hidden from view.
How to lay solid foundation for instant online profits.
The most effective way to write articles that drive traffic to your site.
How to create a cash squeeze page to set your earnings on fore.
How to turn your resale rights products into powerful tools.
How to create a killer autoresponder sequence that wills sell for you even while you sleep
How to blog for maximum effect and send a tidal wave of traffic to your site day after day
How to use eBay to dray traffic to your sales pages and make sales with your hands behind your back
And much more

For more details, please visit: - Resale Rights Blueprint

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ewen Chia's Super Affiliates in Hot Sales!

“Super Affiliates” created by Ewen Chia online business. This is a secret in setting up a real business online to sell products you didn't create. This is known as affiliate marketing and it's the closest thing to being able to print money on demand. If you do not aware that this is a membership program that reveals the followings blueprints:-

1. Step-by-step blueprint to get your Super Affiliate business up and running quickly and easily no matter where you're starting from.

2. Almost 50 videos that will save you weeks of learning time and hours of trial-and-error effort in setting up and operating your business.

3. 80-minute videos shows you step by step the easiest, fastest affiliate marketing system ever created and start making sales in less than 24 hours.

4. Exclusive in-depth one-on-one audio training with Ewen Chia and other Super Affiliates where he extract his secret tips and strategies for racking up five and six figure paydays.

5. Ewen Chia’s personal in depth video case study of his own and other affiliates' promotions. You see exactly what he does, why he does it and HOW to do it so that you can duplicate it for massive commissions!

6. A mystery "plug-and-profit" package which make you mega money! For instance, you get an installable turnkey niche affiliate toolkit that lets you enter new affiliate markets with lightning speed without having to do the legwork yourself.

7. Your first installable turnkey passive income stream and full access to members-only promotional tools so you can get a head start on the competition.

For more information, please visit Ewen Chia's Super Affiliate

Sunday, December 9, 2007

SEO ELITE 4.0 Released Online

SEO ELITE 4.0 is a latest SEO software created by Brad Callen. The software effective use for Search Engine Optimization and you will discover the followings features:-

1. Discover how any page ranks at the top of the Search Engines.
2. Instantly finds hundreds of high page rank websites in your field.
3. Searches for Super Affiliates willing to promote your products.
4. Shows immediately which partners are still linking back to you.
5. Allows you to do a backlink search on all major search engines.
6. Learns how may and which pages of each major search engine has indexed.
7. Notifies and keeps a daily, weekly, and monthly change record of where your website is ranked for ANY search term.
8. Analyzes and compares special search commands on Google to the "regular" Google search rankings
9. Finds exactly which websites your competitors are advertising on.
10. Allows you to eliminate any penalized websites you link to.
11. And much more

For more information, please visit SEO ELITE 4.0

Monday, December 3, 2007

Discover Amazing Emergency Cash Generators!

Emergency Cash Generators ebook created by James Jones. The followings are few examples you can find in Emergency Cash Generators ebook.

1. How to make money with the free to post bulletin boards you see in grocery stores, deli's and other businesses.
2. A neat way to make money every time it rains.
3. How to make money giving away a special 12 page booklet.
4. Go into a busy bar and come out a couple of hours later with a pocket full of cash.
5. A simple 2 minute service that you provide to convertible car owners that can put some easy cash in your pocket.
6. How to get products for free that you turn around and sell for a quick profit.
7. Create a special business card on your home computer and make money.
8. Simple technique to Instantly increase your take-home pay.
9. How to make money brokering a certain commodity you can find on the internet.
10. Make money with Discarded Office Supply Receipts.
11. And much more

For more information, please visit Emergency Cash Generators

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Newbie Cash Machine eBook Review

The Newbie Cash Machine founded by Ewen Chia, a world’s affiliate marketer. Newbie Cash Machine is an ebook that targeted the newbie affiliate marketer. It is really a refreshing start for Ewen Chia to come up with this fabulous ebook to teach newbies how to market affiliate products online. Initially, I find the thick ebook long winded and don't really like it until I realized that it is supposed to be for a newbie affiliate marketer who knows nothing about affiliate marketing.

The Newbie Cash Machine I downloaded and opened it up, started reading and reading and nonstop until I finished all 141 pages. I was honestly shocked! Because I’ve never seen anything that goes into step-by-step, how-to detail. This is a 10 Step Blueprint, an actual plan to follow to begin making money online.

From acquiring domain names and webhosts, product selection, market research, affiliate programs, pay-per-click, adsense, blogs, to creating optin landing pages and autoresponder setup and more. Ewen Chia reveals his money making system in easy to copy detail. All of the core principles of uncovered affiliate marketing are covered.

If you are willing to put in the effort, just follow the right guide, you will be there. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars unnecessary if you have the right tools to guiding you along the way. It is also not a dream to be able to profit richly from the Internet, if you know how.
You may see some of the sneaky peaks for Newbie Cash Machine here.